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Understanding the Board Responsibilities

It is important to understand the differences in the two Boards and how they work together. The Condominium Board is responsible for any questions or issues related to the condominiums or the immediate boundaries of the properties. The Comprehensive Association is responsible for questions or issues related to the ‘common or shared areas’ of the larger property such as pools, boat ramps, docks, cabanas, and other amenities.

The following table further clarifies the responsibilities for each Board.

Striper’s Landing Condominium and Comprehensive Association
Board Responsibilities

Related to: Condominium Association Comprehensive
Condominiums (Exterior Only) Yes No
Immediate boundaries of condominiums (surrounding property) Yes No
Docks No Yes
Swimming Pool No Yes
Cabana No Yes
Boat loading ramps No Yes
Leased spaces on docks No Yes
Houses (other than condominiums) No Yes
Any other ‘community’ amenities (for use by condo and home owners) No Yes

We want to let you know that both the Condominium and Comprehensive Boards are working together to ensure that all families are able to enjoy the amenities of the Striper’s Landing Community. We take our financial responsibilities seriously and all decisions are made with the best interests of our families and cost-effectiveness in mind.

By working together, we can create the best environment possible for our property owners and their invited guests. Our goal is to make decisions that are beneficial to the majority of our property owners and that result in the safest and most enjoyable environment for everyone.

Thank you for your support of our ongoing efforts to maintain and improve our community. May you all have a safe and happy summer!

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