Stripers Landing Community is a place for families, friends, and fun. It is important that everyone keep all dues and fees paid and current at all times so we can maintain the amenities and activities dependent on these fees.  Note that you, your family, and guests will be restricted from using the amenities if dues are not paid on time.

Please review the fees and dues information below and let us know if you have questions.

Stripers Landing Comprehensive and Condominium Dues and Fees




Comprehensive Association Annual Dues 

$275.00 – Condominium and Developed Lot.

$225.00 – Undeveloped lot.

Paid in full by January 1st of each new year

     $10.00 late fee if payment is more than 10 days late PLUS a finance charge of 1.5 % per month. 

Condominium Dues

Quarterly on the first day of the month:

January, April, July, October


$10.00 late fee if payment is more than 10 days late PLUS a finance charge 1 ½% per month until dues are paid and current

Boat Slip Lease Fee*


New Due Date

 Paid in full by January 1st of    each new year  Boat slip is forfeited if fee is not received or postmarked by January 15th.

*Click here to download Boat Slip Rental Agreement

Striper’s Landing Association

13010 B T Washington Hwy, Box 604

Moneta, VA 24121

Please be diligent about paying your fees and dues on time.  Delinquent fees and dues may result in deactivated electronic access cards.  Access cards will be reactivated once all delinquent fees, and any other payments are current. The reactivation fee for access cards is $50.00.  This can take as long as two weeks or longer.

Please be sure that your fees are sent to the correct address.

Condominium fees are mailed to:  P O Box 604, Moneta, VA  24121.  

Comprehensive fees are mailed to:  P O Box 524, Moneta, VA  24121.

Any payments mailed to the prior bookkeeper’s address of P O Box 1708, Midlothian, VA  23113, will no longer be forwarded.  If your financial organization or any other party is paying any fees for you, it is your responsibility to ensure payments are sent to the correct mailing address.

We appreciate your attention to this critical matter.