Safety Tips for Condominium Owners

Important Safety Tips for Condominium Owners

The following items are checked quarterly during a safety survey of each condominium and are most often found to be needing owner attention.

  1. Keep Smoke Detectors operational.
  2. Check all plumbing supply pipes. The braided stainless steel line is required for kitchen and bathroom sink supply lines as well as the toilet supply line. If you have an ice maker in your refrigerator/freezer, its supply line should also be the braided stainless steel line
  3. Check the main water shut off valve in the equipment closet. The lever type shutoff is recommended. If your condo is to be vacant for 48 hours or more, it is required that you turn off the main water supply line.
  4. Your hot water heater must have a drain pan underneath that is properly plumbed to the condominiums drainage system. The drain pan should be monitored for integrity (no cracks or breaks which could cause overflow water to drip into the unit below).
  5. It is recommended that the door to the equipment cabinet on the back deck be maintained to insure proper closing. If locked, a key must be made available to the Condominium Association Board of Directors to allow inspections and emergency access if there is a problem and you are away.
  6. It is also required that you provide a key (or access code) for your condo to the Condominium Association Board of Directors. In your absence, this will allow a responsible member of the Board to enter your condo in case of emergency and also for quarterly safety surveys. Condominium owners will always be notified of quarterly safety surveys and/or any need to enter the condo in the case of an emergency.

Sample plumbing items as per Condominium Association Board recommendations:

Typical braided water supply line
Typical lever type water shutoff valve