Project Updates 2017

Spring has come and we are engaging contractors for projects requiring attention. We are also addressing projects identified by homeowners and which were requested and discussed at the annual meeting this past October. These upgrades and improvements will help increase all property values.

Some of the projects being undertaken are as follows:

  • Swimming pool resurfacing
  • Tennis Court resurfacing and new marking
  • Fence surrounding tennis court repair
  • Completion of all roads into State system
  • New pool furniture
  • New umbrellas for pool
  • Reserve Study being conducted

We hope to have all of the projects completed prior to Memorial Day but a lot depends on contractor’s schedules and the weather. Some of the resurfacing projects are dictated by temperature and rainfall. We ask for your patience in advance if the projects are extended beyond the target dates due to circumstances beyond our control.

These projects come with a substantial price tag and it is imperative that all fees be paid on time. Association fees are due by January 1st each and every year. Unfortunately, we continue to have a large number of property owners who are delinquent with dues. Just as a reminder, if you are behind on your dues or any fees, your electronic card will be deactivated and there is a $50 reactivation fee PLUS late fee and penalty charges.

Homeowner Responsibilities

  1. During the summer season, please put all umbrellas down when storms approach and also when you leave the pool area. In the past, umbrellas have blown into the lake and they become dangerous projectiles and are expensive to replace.
  1. Please do not take glass bottles or any type glass into the pool area due to safety concerns. If glass is broken in the pool area, the pool has to be completely drained along with other clean-up requirements. There is a walkway to the Cabana outside the pool gate if you need to transport glassware to that shelter. If you, your guest or your renter violate the ‘no glass in pool policy’ and break any type of glass, you (the owner) are liable for the clean-up per the rules of the Health Department. The last time this happened it cost about $5,000.

As always, we are asking people to serve on committees. We would also like to hear from you on improvements or suggestions you may have. Please submit your comments and contact information to:

Striper’s Landing Comprehensive Association
Board of Directors
PO Box 524
Moneta, VA 24121


It’s Time to Winterize at Striper’s Landing

winterize (1)It’s hard to believe that summer is past and we’re moving into the colder months of winter. As we approach the winter months, it’s time to take preventive measures and avoid costly repairs down the road!

These tips will save you money and headaches later:

  1. Make sure all repairs are made before winter weather hits.
  2. Check furnace filters to make sure they are clean and clear.
  3. Check hot water tanks for any leaks and make sure they are in good working condition. A leak will may not only affect your condo, but those around you too!
  4. Check for drafts and openings around doors and windows and repair them to keep the cold air out.
  5. Check pipes for any leaks or weak points and repair them to avoid water damage.
  6. Keep your heat setting on a low heat temperature even if you’re not staying at your condo. This will keep pipes from freezing and bursting.

Have a safe and healthy fall and winter!