Striper’s Landing at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia

Welcome to the Striper’s Landing Community web site!

Welcome to Striper's Landing!

Please do everything possible to help keep our property clean, neat, and welcoming throughout the coming months as we prepare for the changing seasons here at Smith Mountain Lake.

Both the Striper’s Landing Condominium Association and the Striper’s Landing Comprehensive Association have worked together to establish a comprehensive site where timely information can be shared. Our goal is to ensure that we maintain a safe, comfortable environment for property owners and their guests. Check out the gallery frequently to see the pictures of our community, families, and their guests throughout the year — you may just see yourself featured!

Our Boards:

It is important to understand the differences in the two Boards and how they work together.

  • The Condominium Board is responsible for any questions or issues related to the condominiums or the immediate boundaries of the properties.
  • The Comprehensive Association is responsible for questions or issues related to the ‘common or shared areas’ of the larger property such as pools, boat ramps, docks, cabanas, and other amenities.
  • Click here for more information explaining the differences between the two boards.

We wish you a happy and healthy time here at the lake. Enjoy your time throughout the entire year — and as always, ensure safety in everything you do!

For more information on activities around Smith Mountain Lake, click on the Visitor’s Center website.

Emergency Contact Phone #’s:

(Condominium Only) Emergency:   1.540.797.2209

Questions regarding Boat Slips and Association Fees should be directed to:

Jean K. Gorman

Phone : 540.297-8401

Email:  jeankgorman@aol.com

Our Mission: To provide a safe, secure community environment that caters to the needs of property owners and their families.

Remember to take preventive steps to maintain your condo property. This is to ensure that your property value and the property values of other condo owners continues to be as high as possible.

  1. Check hot water heaters for leaks or problems and replace them immediately if problems exist to avoid damage to your condo and those around you.
  2. Ensure that there is a pan under water heaters that is properly attached to the drain system to avoid damage to your condo and those around you.
  3. Change air conditioning filters frequently to ensure condensation does not build-up, causing water problems for you or surrounding condo units.

Maintaining your air conditioning unit and hot water heater also saves you money because they will operate more efficiently and effectively – preventive maintenance is much less expensive and easier to manage than taking steps AFTER major damage occurs.

Respect the property of others and take steps to keep your condo in excellent working condition too!

Thank you for your efforts to maintain the property.

Beauty surround the Striper's Landing Community.
Beauty surrounds the Striper’s Landing Community.