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Anyone who owns a home or parcel of land within the Stripers Landing Community is a member of the Comprehensive Association. The Comprehensive Association Board of Directors is responsible for questions or issues related to the ‘common or shared areas’ of the larger property such as pools, boat ramps, docks, cabanas, tennis court, and other amenities.

Anyone who owns a Stripers Landing Condominium is a member of both the Comprehensive Association and the Condominium Association. The Condominium Association Board of Directors is responsible for any questions or issues related to the condominiums or the immediate boundaries of the properties.

For easy access click on a highlighted “yes” link in the table below to contact the correct Board of Directors for issues or questions. Please choose the correct related issue:

Related To:Condominium AssocComprehensive Assoc
Condominiums (Exterior Only)
Quarterly Safety Checks
Immediate boundaries of condominiums (surrounding property)YesNo
Parking lot in front of Condominiums YesNo
Swimming PoolNoYes
Extended Stay Parking lotsNoYes
Boat loading ramps and lower Parking lotNoYes
Leased spaces on docksNoYes
Houses, or lot owners (other than condos)NoYes
Tennis Court or Any other ‘community’ amenities (for use by condo and home owners)NoYes

Emails for those who can not connect through the links:

Comprehensive Association Email: striperscomp@gmail.com

Condominium Association Email: striperslanding@yahoo.com

Phone calls for immediate emergency’s only. Please use email links above for issues that can be taken care of in 24-48 hours. Thank you

Emergency Contact Phone #’s:

(Comprehensive Association) Emergency: 1-540-354-5555 

(Condominium Only) Emergency:   1-540-589-2708