Access Card Issues

It has been brought to our attention after a computer system crash last season that affected several access cards. We also have determined the cards with numbers starting with #70 are the ones that have failed to work at the amenities. Please accept our apologies for the issues we have encountered. The software system malfunctioned certain numbered cards rather than other ones because of the operating system.  While we had the security system company come and manually fix the software it was impossible to know whose cards were affected until they were manually tried at the gate or pool. Dave is dedicating Tuesday and Thursday’s from 9am to 12 noon for those who are having an issue with their cards. You may call him during those hours and get your card working again or to set up a time to meet with Dave. We are trying to resolve your issue as quickly as we can now that we have discovered the actual problem. The security company has assured us the problem within the system has been rectified and they did not charge us any additional fees for the hours they spent fixing the issue. Please check your card number and if it does start with the #70 to try your card as soon as possible or call Dave during these available times at 540-354-5555 to set a time up. Thank you for being patient with us and we hope everyone is staying healthy, safe, and enjoying this summer!

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