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We would like to welcome everyone to the 2020 season. We are doing our best to make everyone safe and happy so please read the following carefully.

The Comprehensive Board has decided to provide security officers for everyone’s safety as well as stopping the non-compliance on restrictions in the past. We would like you to be considerate to Officer Manning and Officer Matt. Please welcome them. Feel free to introduce yourselves to them and make them feel appreciated for their services.

Per Governor Northam, plans to implement phase 3 on July 1, 2020 and it includes pool openings. Hot Tubs, Spas and Saunas remain closed. We will open on Friday July 3, 2020 if his orders are signed into law as planned. At any time, if the Governor decides to retract phase 3 ending up in phase 2 all amenities will be immediately closed.

We want our community to know if you wish to use the amenities to follow all proper safety requirements the Governor sets forth. Please respect those around you that are not in your immediate family. Keep proper distancing and follow all other safety precautions.

Warning sign posted at entrance to pool

Make yourself familiar with all the Governor’s guidelines. If you choose to use the amenities, know you take that risk for your health and the health of all those around you. This is your choice and we cannot be held liable.


Governor Northam’s Phase 3 Guidelines, Pages 21-22 specific to pools

The Insurance Company for The Comprehensive Association has instructed us to inform anyone using the amenities of the Notice, Acknowledgement and Waiver before deciding to go to the pool.  

You can download the form and bring with you signed to the pool.


To remind those of some of The Phase 3 guidelines and rules to be followed on Comprehensive property they are:

  • Check your temperature before coming to Amenities. Anything over 100.4F STAY HOME. If you know someone that has become sick and was present at the amenities, please contact us so we may follow tracing procedures
  • You and your family members should follow the 10-foot Physical Distancing anywhere in and around the pool area and Cabana.
  • All furniture has been set at guideline distances, it’s important not to move any.
  • Areas may only be at 75% occupancy
  • For extra safety bring your own personal sanitary supplies and use proper Alcohol based hand sanitizer when necessary
  • Wash hands with soap and water, often, for 20 secs or more
  • Pay special attention to all posted signs
  • Due to the overly aggressive algae in the lake, if you have been swimming in the lake you are required to rinse off thoroughly in the restroom showers provided before entering the pool area. This prevents mustard algae from growing in the pool. We are trying to prevent costly issues we experienced last year.
  • As you leave you are required to sanitize their area before leaving, put down umbrellas, sanitizer will be provided.
  • Water fountain will not be available for use.
  • There will be pre-screening at both gates before entering
  • There will also be provided adult only swimming time between 11:00am to 12:00 noon and 4:00pm to 5:00pm
  • The pool hours are from 9:00am to 8:00pm closing early for necessary sanitizing
  • Be considerate of the cabana grilling stations and clean up, sanitize afterwards especially the handles, no utensils will be provided, we would like to remind you this area is a 10-foot distancing area as well.

If you see someone is not following guidelines and puts others at risk, contact The Comprehensive Board or the Security Officer on premises and they will be warned once then further warnings result in removing them from premises.  Further actions will be required by our Governor’s Covid-19 Executive order.

We would all like to wish you all a safe and healthy summer. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

The Comprehensive Board

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