Water Utility Changes

As introduced and discussed at the annual HOA meeting in September, the Stripers Landing Water Company is switching over to the Western Virginia Water Authority.  They will be providing water from the Bedford Water Treatment Facility.

Things to know:

You do not have to hook up to the water.  Keep in mind, according to State law, if a public utility is offered in your neighborhood, you must hook up prior to selling your home.

If you agree to hook up prior to June 30, 2020, you do not have to pay the $5,00 hook up fee. You do have to pay to install a connection box and water pipe from your well to the water line prior to June 30, 2020. You may select your own approved plumber, or Stripers Landing Water Company will recommend an approved plumber.

In most instances, the water line from your well to the house will be used to deliver the water.  You may pay to have new waterlines installed from the street to your house, but this is very expensive.

If you agree to hook up, the cost will be $30+$10 recovery fee per month for developed properties.  Undeveloped properties will be charged $16+$10 recovery fee per month.

Once you are hooked up to this public utility, you may not use the well as your home’s water source. You will be allowed to maintain the well.

Currently, Western Virginia Water Authority is only offering this service to parts of Stripers Landing due to present infrastructure.  At his time, it is unknown if/when this will change.

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