Important Dates to Remember at Stripers Landing

  1. remember-saidaonlineRemember that all Comprehensive dues and boat slip fees are due, along with quarterly Condo dues. Boat Slip is forfeited if dues are not paid by January 31, 2013. It’s important for all residents to keep dues paid and current so their families and guests can enjoy the amenities of Stripers Landing throughout the year. 
  2. Stripers Landing Clean Up Day is scheduled for the first Saturday in May. May 4, 2013 is the big day when our families and their friends gather to clean up the property and create a welcoming place for warmer months ahead. Plan to join us for some clean-up and even a little fun!
  3. New officers of the Board of Directors will be posted soon. A new meeting schedule is being finalized and we will update our Stripers Landing website as soon as information is available. The February Board Meeting is scheduled for February 2, 2013.
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