2010 Comprehensive Association Annual Board Meeting

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Scruggs Fire and Rescue Building

9:00 a.m.

This notice is to inform you of the upcoming 2010 annual meeting for the Striper’s Landing Comprehensive Association. This is a very important meeting for all property owners, and it is an opportunity to learn about the past year’s activities, as well as any changes in upcoming policies and procedures.

It is vital for all members to attend this meeting if at all possible. There will be an open forum and opportunity for you to express your ideas, concerns and thoughts regarding the Striper’s Landing community and management. You will also cast your vote for the upcoming members of the Board of Directors.

The input of all members is critical to our success as a community and we count on you to bring important matters and information before the group, that will allow us to make this a better, safer family friendly environment for everyone.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to become more involved in the decisions regarding the policies and procedures that govern our community. Together we can create a strong sense of community and optimize the amenities of the Striper’s Landing facilities.

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