“Clean Up, Fix Up” Day 2009


Our families created beautiful landscapes on May 2.

Thanks to 12 of our great Striper’s Landing families who participated in “Clean Up, Fix Up” Day on May 2, 2009 at Striper’s Landing. They worked hard all day and their reward was lunch and a beautiful landscape to enjoy for the rest of the summer! Their loyal dedication to our community makes it possible for all Striper’s Landing families and their guests to enjoy the panoramic views of the lake while enjoying the beauty of the gardens and grounds. They saved our Condominium Association hundreds of dollars that would have been paid for this work if they had not participated. Please be sure to thank those who participated and let them know how much we appreciate them! Check out the gallery to view some of the beautiful views that were created on May 2 by these families.

Mark May 23rd on your calendar for the Memorial Day Party with DJ and come prepared for a lot of fun!

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