Annual Comprehensive Meeting


Please bring your ballots for new officers to the Annual Meeting if you have not already returned them. If you are interested in becoming a Board member in the future, or serving on a committee, please let us know. We need and encourage participation and input from owners who can help us continuously improve our assets and amenities here at Striper’s Landing.

Voting ballots included a brief survey and a general information sheet that allows us to accurately update our records. We appreciate you taking time to complete and return these documents to us in the postage-paid envelope you received if you have not already done so – or bring them to the Annual Meeting.

We have several projects planned and/or in process as Fall approaches.

  1. The pool will be closed for resurfacing the bottom
  2. Drainage issues are being addressed
  3. The boat ramp is being repaved
  4. The work on the security system continues
  5. The Board seeks input from all owners concerning the tennis courts regarding your recommendations on whether to repair or totally remove them
  6. We have successfully received payments from some overdue accounts and are still working on managing other delinquent accounts

If you have recommendations or input, or if you would like to assist with any of these projects, please contact us. We urge you to attend the Annual Comprehensive Meeting on October 3, 2015 at 9:00 am in the Scruggs Fire & Rescue Meeting Room. This is the best time to present concerns, recommendations, and ideas for consideration.

Thank You,

Comprehensive Board of Directors

Annual Comprehensive Meeting

October 3, 2015 at 9:00 am

Scruggs Fire & Rescue Meeting Room

Maintaining Your Condo


Winterize your condo!

Fall weather is here so winter can’t be far behind. Once again, we encourage you to take precautions to winterize your property to avoid problems when the weather turns cold.

These tips will save you money and headaches later:

  1. Make sure all repairs are made before winter weather hits.
  2. Check furnace filters to make sure they are clean and clear.
  3. Check hot water tanks for any leaks and make sure they are in good working condition. A leak will may not only affect your condo, but those around you too!
  4. Check for drafts and openings around doors and windows and repair them to keep the cold air out.
  5. Check pipes for any leaks or weak points and repair them to avoid water damage.
  6. Keep your heat setting on a low heat temperature even if you’re not staying at your condo. This will keep pipes from freezing and bursting.

Have a safe and healthy fall and winter!

Notice of Special Assessment

repairsThe Board of Directors has voted and passed a special assessment of $500 per unit for much needed repairs on steps, parking lot, and drainage issues. The assessment has been to property owners via U.S. mail and is due upon receipt.
We appreciate your immediate attention to this matter so that we can proceed with these necessary repairs to properly maintain the property and grounds of Striper’s Landing. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.

Clean-Up Day and New Amenities Coming

20100817-polls-icecubes-500It’s that time of year again!

Clean-up Day is the first Saturday in May which is May 3, 2014. We need all Condo property owners to meet at the Striper’s Landing Condominium property to assist with our annual preparations for summer and clean-up of the grounds and property. Please mark this important day on your calendar.

We have some improvements coming this summer which will enhance the property and make your stays at the lake much more enjoyable.

  • We are getting a new ice machine
  • Work will be done for better drainage on parking lots and grass areas
  • We are placing new grills at the Cabana
  • We will also have a new updated security system installed

We look forward to these improvements and to our day of clean-up which always includes lots of fun, food, and beverages – so join us on May 3, 2014.

Don’t forget that our Condo and Comprehensive Board meetings are held the first Saturday of each month and everyone is encouraged and welcome to attend. Comp meetings are held at Hagar Insurance on Route 122 at 8am and Condo meetings are held at 9:30am at Striper’s Landing unit 301 (meetings are subject to change without advance notice so check with Board members if in question).


Jump Into Summer!

The Pool and Lake at Striper's Landing
The Pool and Lake at Striper’s Landing

Summer weather is almost here!

After much rain and snow this winter, it’s a welcome time of year. We’re looking forward to all of the great fun on the lake this year.

Enjoy the spring days ahead because summer won’t be far behind. We’ll see you on the lake at Striper’s Landing!


Get Ready for Spring

Time is running out - we need your feedback.
Spring forward on March 8th!

It won’t be long before spring is here and everything on Smith Mountain Lake comes alive again!

Remember to set your clocks forward one hour on Sunday morning, March 9th, 2014 at 2 a.m. (or before you go to bed on Saturday night!). This extra hour of daylight means more daylight for outdoor activities and what better place to enjoy being outdoors than at the Striper’s Landing Resort?

We hope you’ve had a healthy and fun winter. As we prepare for the upcoming spring and summer season at the lake, please remember to start cleaning up debris and limbs left by winter storms. Watch for more information on a clean-up day at Striper’s Landing.